2019 Ford Escape

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Vehicle Overview

The new Ford Escape makes a bold statement from its sporty exterior to its clean and modern updated interior, it combines smart looks with intelligent functionality. Compared to a standard port-injection engine, EcoBoost technology helps produce a cooler, denser fuel injection charge that generates more power per every drop of fuel and also features Auto Start-Stop Technology to help save fuel when you're driving in the city. The properly equipped Ford Escape is the first vehicle to bring together the capabilities of FordPass with the connectivity of SYNC Connect which allows you to connect from virtually anywhere on a mobile device to monitor your vehicles vital signs, see if you need fuel, or maintenance, even start, lock, or unlock your vehicle! CONTACT US FOR AVAILABLE REBATES!

Running costs


10 miles

22.00 mpg City

28.00 mpg Highway


4 Cylinder 1.5 Gasoline engine

AWD 0 speed Automatic transmission

Charcoal Black Interior

Silver Exterior

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