2020 FORD Escape

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Vehicle Overview
2798 miles
Drive Type
Stock #
Fuel Type
0.00 City / 0.00 Highway

SummaryAt West Hills Ford Mazda we understand that delivering top quality service is the only way to earn business. We promise to make your next car buying experience efficient and relaxed.Vehicle DetailsThis unit has a track record of being very tough and durable. The Ford Escape will have plenty of room to safely transport your kids to the next ballgame or family outing. This model is designed to handle any icy road condition that Mother Nature can throw at you. Your passengers will feel safe with stable braking and handling on all road conditions. This Ford Escape has durability you can depend on as the miles tick away. This unit is an all-around vehicle, well equipped for anything. Whether it is work or play this is a very functional vehicle that will meet all your requirements. This model comes standard with numerous top of the line safety features. This Ford Escape has dependability you can trust. This vehicle is fully loaded with all equipment options. This Ford Escape is fun to drive! The vehicle sips fuel. The vehicle has lots of cargo space.EquipmentThis 2020 Ford Escape has four wheel drive capabilities. Anti-lock brakes are standard on this 2020 Ford Escape . Protect this 2020 Ford Escape from unwanted accidents with a cutting edge backup camera system. The high efficiency automatic transmission shifts smoothly and allows you to relax while driving. It features cruise control for long trips. This small suv has a 1.5 liter 3 Cylinder Engine high output engine. This Ford Escape is equipped with a gasoline engine. Load groceries and much more with ease into the Ford Escape thanks to the power liftgate. The state of the art park assist system will guide you easily into any spot. This model is accented with a stylish rear spoiler. Make room for more passengers, carry extra luggage or your favorite sports gear with the roof rack on the vehicle. The perfect balance of space and size. the Ford Escape cruises through the city with ease.

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